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worth posting [04 Feb 2006|01:41pm]
i haven;t updated in probably over a year. im not even sure who would read this. BUT

there is some big hippy/socialist/anarchist/rights convention of people at my school. there are about 500 of them in this one room which i have to walk through to get to the dining hall. full of people who havent seen a shower in a while, have nasty dreadlocks and wear chomsky t-shirts (im not altogether against chomsky, but that aside). my friend goes "that's the smell of world peace!"

as im walking through i see a vaguely familiar face-- i look again. and it was Halie Vick. wierd man. wierd.

im coming back to mass this summer. if you're in dc for whatever reason (especially if you're looking at AU), dont hesitate to call.


that time of year [30 Apr 2005|02:36am]
i'll be home on may 4th. i realize that it's a little late for Anything Goes, but believe you me, if i could get someone to take my place to take both of my philosophy finals on tuesday, i'd do it in a heartbeat.
which brings me to Anything Goes. from what i've heard, cast and crew has a lot to be proud of. congratulations.

to any of you seniors in limbo about schools still (and juniors thinking about where to apply in the fall): not that i'm lobbying for au, but im seriously just having an awesome time at American. i can also honestly say that i had all awesome classes this semester. some of that was picking the teachers with the help of ratemyprofessor.com, but thats besides the point. i have really enjoyed my classes this semester
also. im a strong believer that dc has the most to offer out of any city in terms of professional opportunities. so if not au, dc is the word. next year i will likely get a for-credit internship with somekind of lobbying firm or thinktank. im wicked pumped.

but ya i'll be around. i'll probably be in school some time this week to stop in and say hi. beyond that call me. dont be a stranger. look forward to seeing you all.

[10 Mar 2005|07:16pm]
so i've sorta abandoned this journal since school started. but since i'm home on spring break, i figured i'd update. so yes, im home and for those of you that i saw yesterday at school it was good to see you all. for those looking at colleges, i encourage you to look at American or at least a college in the dc area. next year i'll have an internship (hopefully paid) on Capitol Hill, i've been to a couple inaugural events, many speakers (including john glenn) and a protest.
but other than the nerdy public affairs stuff, college life is awesome. even though the campus is technically dry it seems more like a "blue law" than anything else (fortunately). plus i've a bunch of close friends down in the district so all in all its been great-- despite being 500 miles away from the girlfriend. which has been tough. to say the least. but that aspect of my life really couldnt be better despite the difference.

so funny thing. i had a doctor's appointment the other day and like any usual checkup, they took my weight... and is seems i've gained the freshman 16. ya, little embarrassing. especially when people come up to me comment on/ pat my stomach. and then say "you know im just saying thaty because i can joke and its not true." no. it's true. matt has a beer belly. --although it's not just the ease of accessability to beer-- i also eat cheesesteak subs for many of my meals as they are a quick and easy option on my mealswipe. so i'd like to think it's a combination.

today i played pool and watched dvds of the sopranos all day while not changing out of my pajamas. that is my typical spring break day-- although it wont be this weekend since Catherine will be back-- but if you feel like stopping by or calling please feel free. hope you guys are doing well. Hilary in '08 (not really).


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